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Beam Detection, Aspirating Smoke Detection, Linear Heat Detection


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Specialist detection systems are sometimes the preferred option over point detection due to factors affecting installation, maintenance or the environment to which detectors will be exposed.

Beam Detection: Optical Beam detectors connect through beam detector modules and provide options for end to end beams, reflected beams where transmitters and receivers are combined and auto aligning beams where building movement is overcome by on-board alignment correction devices.

Aspirating Smoke Detection: Aspiration systems are widely used and preferred in challenging situations such as areas of high airflow or where condensation is present or where very early detection is required as in communications and computer rooms. The aspiration system is also ideal for providing detection in equipment cabinets.

Linear Heat Detection: Heat detection may appear limited in its application due to the time it takes to respond to most fires. The Linear versions however are extremely versatile and useful in certain special applications. Analogue LHD senses temperature variation as the resistance of the heated cable changes. The cable will recover and is re-useable providing the temperature does not exceed 120°C for excessive periods. Its uses are typically in confined or difficult areas such as storage racks, cable trays and conveyors. Fibre optic LHD will detect temperature change over several thousands of metres and is accurate in pinpointing the incident to within one metre. Typical applications are tunnels and metros, refineries and power plants.

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