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Sounders are considered as the most important of all the alarm devices. It is a mandatory requirement that sounders are used as an integral part of the fire detection and alarm system. We have a comprehensive range of alarms and signalling devices for fire alarm purposes including sounders, beacons, combination units and bells.

The loop powered Symphoni Sounder only models are available with a red or white housing suitable for indoor use and an IP65 rated red housing for outdoor applications. The Audio / Visual models, which incorporate a highly efficient white LED beacon, are also available with a red or white housing for indoor use and an IP65 rated red housing for outdoor applications.

The LP Symphoni utilising Reflective Sound Monitoring (RSM) employs a transducer to actively monitor the units’ sound output during the weekly sounder test and will report back to the control panel if it fails to detect the sounder operating when it has been commanded to, this ensures that the LP Symphoni range of sounders will in the unlikely event of a fault, display it immediately on the fire controller and is therefore not dependant upon the staff within a building reporting a sounder failure.

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