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Minerva T2000 and T2000 CV Marine Detection Panels IEC 61508 Approved (SIL2)


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The T2000 is a fully Marine approved EN54 compliant 1 to 8 loop networkable detection panel. The T2000 supports two MZX DIGITAL detection loops and can be expanded to eight loops supporting up to 1000 addressable devices. The T2000 consists of a strong stainless steel or mild steel Marine approved enclosure incorporating the above features.

The T2000CV is a 3 loop marine approved panel housed in a mild steel enclosure designed for use in commercial vessels.

All panels have a strong cast aluminium front door, which incorporates a modular user interface that fully complies with EN54 pt2. The user interface incorporates the ODM800 operator display module with a 16 x 40-character backlit LCD display, simple alphanumeric keypad and 5 softkeys. The OCM800 operator control module provides all mandatory operator control keys and LED functions including Day/Night switching. One control key and 2 indication LEDs are provided for vessel specific functions. Control keys and LEDs are labelled in English according to the default Marine functionality. The slide in decals can be reversed and alternative text added.

The batteries and any additional zonal LED’s or operator controls are mounted in a separate housing which can be mounted below the main panel or behind the panel. The battery box incorporates a heavy duty backbox and battery clamp.

The chassis plate in the battery box also has space for up to 2 x IOB800 input/output expansion modules (maximum 24 I/O) or 1 x PSU830.

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